Family Bible Study - Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles


This study will look at the First and Second Samuel, First and Second Kings, and First and Second Chronicles in a chronological order. The purpose is to study Old Testament history and chronology looking at the differences of parallel passages and wrestling with reconciling those passages for a richer understanding of God's Word.

The study will provide a basic outline of the six books, their focus, their emphasis on God's Word, and more.

As a result, participates will have a better understanding of knowable things and be able to apply that knowledge towards a deeper relationship with God Himself.

Note: The study is based on "A Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles" by William Day Crockett.

Time and Format

The time will be 1.5 hours on Sunday starting 09sep2007 (Sunday after Labor Day) and concluding no latter than 18may2007 (Sunday before Memorial Day). We will follow the AWANA program as much as possible.

The format of the hour will be:
00-05 Announcements (and time for people to write any prayer requests)
05-15 Prayer (prayer requests submitted on paper prior to class)
15-60 Discussion group(s) going over the questions for the week
60-90 Lecture and closing prayer


  1. Introduction
  2. Genealogies of the Patriarchs
  3. Tribes of Israel
  4. The Early Life of Samuel
  5. The Period of National Disaster
  6. Samuel, the Last of the Judges
  7. Saul as First King of Israel
  8. Saul's Reign Until His Rejection
  9. The Early History of David
  10. David's Advancement and Saul's Jealousy
  11. David's Outlaw Life
  12. Saul's Downfall
  13. David's Behavior on Hearing of Saul's Death
  14. The Rival Kingdoms
  15. Events Leading to David's Elevation to the Throne of Israel
  16. David's Wars
  17. The Period of Rest
  18. Family Troubles
  19. National Calamities
  20. David's Final Arrangements
  21. Absalom's Rebellion
  22. The Restoration of David's Authority
  23. The Closing Days of David's Life
  24. The Beginning of Solomon's Reign
  25. Solomon in All His Glory
  26. Solomon's Fall and End
  27. From the Year of the Disruption to the Rise of Jehu
  28. From the Rise of Jehu to the Fall of the Kingdom of Israel
  29. The kingdom of Judah After the Fall of the Kingdom of Israel
  30. Sharing our experience