The Church Age: Week #20

Paul's Appeal to Imprisonment in Rome

Acts 25:1-28:31

Sunday: Review

1. How are you rejoicing in your current circumstances?

Monday: Read Acts 25.

2. How did Festus choose to handle Paul's case?

3. Why do you think Festus rehearse the case before King Agrippa?

4. Under what circumstances was Paul to appear before Agrippa?

Tuesday: Read Acts 26.

5. What were some of Paul's aims when he preached to the Gentiles as charged by the Lord?

6. How did Festus react? Agrippa?

7. What do you learn from Paul about sharing the gospel?

Wednesday: Read Acts 27:1-20.

8. What fast do you think is referenced in verse 9?

9. What did Paul advise?

10. How bad was the storm? What would be a similar storm in one's spiritual life?

Thursday: Read Acts 27:21-28:10.

11. How did Paul demonstrate how to handle a crisis?

12. What evidence do you see of the Holy Spirit at work?

13. What miracles were performed at Malta?

Friday: Read Acts 28:11-31.

14. How was Paul allowed to stay?

15. What happened when Paul witnessed to the Jews in Rome?

16. How do you think God used Paul's time in Rome for His purposes?