The Church Age: Week #10

Conference in Jerusalem

Acts 15:1-35

Sunday: Review

1. How have you walked by the Spirit this last week?

Monday: Read Acts 15:1-5.

2. Where did the dissension take place?

3. Where did Paul and Barnabas go and to whom to settle the issue?

4. What was the point of disagreement?

Tuesday: Read Acts 15:6-12.

5. What event do you think Peter was referring?

6. According to Peter, how where they putting God to the test?

7. From past weeks, what were some of the signs and wonders that God had done through Paul and Barnabas among the Gentiles?

Wednesday: Read Acts 15:13-21.

8. When did James answer?

9. What Scripture did James quote?

10. What did James suggest as the solution?

11. How do you settle difference of opinion with others?

Thursday: Read Acts 15:22-29.

12. Why do you think Judas and Silas were sent with Paul and Barnabas?

13. What was the scope of the decision as written in the letter?

14. Should Christians today abstain from the same things (why or why not)?

Friday: Read Acts 15:30-35.

15. How was the letter received?

16. Why do you think Silas stayed?

17. Read Romans 6:14. What was teh main message of the Jerusalem Council?