The Church Age: Week #6

Conversion of Saul

Acts 9:1-31

Sunday: Review

1. Who are you reaching with the message of Christ?

Monday: Read Acts 9:1-9a with Acts 22:1-16; 26:9-19.

2. What do you learn about Saul's conversion from Paul?

3. What are some things that lose their brilliance once one sees the glory of Christ?

4. What was God's call to Ananias? How did Ananias react to it?

Tuesday: Read Acts 9:16 with 2 Corinthians 11.

5. What was the call of Saul?

6. What are some of the ways his call was fulfilled later in life?

7. Do you have the same call? What does your call involve?

Wednesday: Read Acts 9:20-22.

8. What did Saul mean by "He is the Son of God"?

9. How is this different from what Peter said in Acts 2:36?

10. How did Saul confound the Jews?

Thursday: Read Acts 9:23-29 with Galatians 1:11-24.

11. Apparently there is a gap of time between verses 23-25 and 26, where was Saul during this time? For how long?

12. Why was Saul not warmly received by the believers in Jerusalem?

13. Who helped Saul to be received?

Friday: Read Acts 9:30-31.

14. Read Acts 8:1. Contrast verse 31 with 8:1.

15. What encouragement do you draw from verse 31?

16. What lessons do you learn from Acts 9:1-31?