The Church Age: Week #8

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Acts 13:1-14:28

Sunday: Review

1. What have you learned from God that you should act on this week?

Monday: Read Acts 13;1-13.

2. Who set apart Barnabas and Saul? For what purpose?

3. Who helped them in Cyprus before returning to Jerusalem?

4. What convinced the proconsul to believe?

5. Who led this expedition (give reasons for your answer)?

Tuesday: Read Acts 13:14-41.

6. What took about four hundred and fifty years according to Paul?

7. What are the key points of Paul's sermon?

8. What is the result of rejecting His message?

9. When did Saul become Paul? Why do you think Luke changed how he referred to Saul/Paul?

Wednesday: Read Acts 13:42-52.

10. How did the people respond that first Sabbath?

11. Who rejected the word of God? Why?

12. Who did Paul and Barnabas turn their message towards as a result? What prophecy did this fulfill?

Thursday: Read Acts 14:1-18.

13. Who stirred up the Gentile against the brethren?

14. Who are the brethren?

15. Why did the crowd want to offer sacrifices to Paul and Barnabas in Lycaonia?

Friday: Read Acts 14:19-28.

16. What happen to Paul at Lystra?

17. Where did the Jews that opposed them come from? Where did Paul and Barnabas return?

18. How are you helping to strengthen the body of Christ?