The Church Age: Week #7

First Gentile Converts to Herod's Death

Acts 9:32-12:25

Sunday: Review

1. What lesson from last week have you applied to your life?

Monday: Read Acts 9:32-43.

2. Using a Bible map, where is Lydda?

3. What two problems did Peter come upon? How did the Lord use Peter in both situations?

4. How do the physical miracles illustrate what Christ is willing to do for us spiritually?

Tuesday: Read Acts 10:1-33.

5. Describe characteristics of Cornelius?

6. What characteristics of Cornelius would people say are characteristics of you?

7. What new understanding did God give to Peter? Why is this significant? What event changed His dealing with mankind?

Wednesday: Read Acts 10:34-48.

8. On what basis does God accept anyone?

9. Who was Jesus visible to after His resurrection?

10. What happen while Peter was preaching?

Thursday: Read Acts 11.

11. Why were the Jewish believers in Jerusalem upset with Peter?

12. How did Peter respond (give details)?

13. What happen in Antioch?

14. Why do you think Barnabas was sent to Antioch?

Friday: Read Acts 12.

15. What impresses you about Peter's rescue?

16. What did Peter ask those at John Mark's house to do? Why?

17. Why did the Lord strike down Herod?