The Church Age: Week #3

Growth of the Early Church

Acts 3:1-6:7

Sunday: Review

1. How has the Holy Spirit empowered you for His work?

Monday: Read Acts 3:1-26.

2. How is the physical healing of the lame man like the spiritual healing of a believer?

3. What was the theme of Peter's second sermon?

4. What is the "times of refreshing" and the "period of restoration"?

Tuesday: Read Acts 4:1-22.

5. Why were they put in jail?

6. What claims did Peter make to the Sanhedrin?

7. Which of the claims did the Sanhedrin deny?

Wednesday: Read Acts 4:23-37.

8. What about the prayer can you use as a model for your prayers?

9. How were the believers living in Jerusalem?

10. How are you helping to build the body of Christ?

Thursday: Read Acts 5:1-42.

11. What was the sin of Ananias and Sapphira?

12. Given the miracles, why did the high priest and his associates wish to jail the apostles?

13. What was Gamaliel's counsel?

Friday: Read Acts 6:1-7.

14. Why didn't the apostles serve tables to those in need?

15. What lesson do you learn? How have you applied this lesson to your life?

16. As God's word spread, what group of people were becoming obedient to the faith?