The Church Age: Week #26

Letter to Hebrews


Sunday: Review

1. How have you prepared yourself to speak Truth in a world of unbelief and rebellion?

Monday: Read Hebrews 1-2.

2. How is Christ superior to all others?

3. What warning is given?

4. Why was Jesus made lower than the angels for a time?

Tuesday: Read Hebrews 3-4.

5. What warning is given about unbelief?

6. What promise is given to the faithful?

7. What is the rest of the believer?

Wednesday: Read Hebrews 5:1-8:6.

8. How is Jesus a high priest?

9. What kind of spiritual food are you eating? How do you know?

10. How is Jesus superior as high priest?

Thursday: Read Hebrews 8:7-10:18.

11. Why was a new covenant necessary?

12. How is the new covenant superior to the old covenant?

13. Why do you think the shedding of blood was necessary to ratify both covenants? Why do you think God requires blood to forgive man's sins?

Friday: Read Hebrews 10:19-13:25.

14. What exhortations do you see? How will you apply them to your life?

15. What is faith? How can one recognize faith?

16. Where does God need to discipline you? Are you willing?