The Church Age: Week #2

Power of the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:1-2:47

Sunday: Review

1. What do you hope to gain from this study?

Monday: Read Acts 1:1-9.

2. Who was Luke addressing?

3. What do you learn about Jesus in these verses?

4. What question was asked to Jesus? And how did He respond?

Tuesday: Read Acts 1:10-26.

5. What did the men in the white clothes promise?

6. Who and what were they doing with one mind?

7. Why did they chose another to take Judas' place?

Wednesday: Read Acts 2:1-13.

8. What age was ushered in suddenly from heaven?

9. What does it mean to be "filled with the Holy Spirit"?

10. What languages were they speaking?

Thursday: Read Acts 2:14-36.

11. What was the theme of Peter's sermon?

12. When do you think is "the Last Days"?

13. What works of Jesus does Peter tell?

Friday: Read Acts 2:37-47.

14. How did Peter answer the question "What shall we do?"

15. What things did the believers do that tell us about living the Christian life?

16. To what extent are these things evident in your life?