The Church Age: Week #11

Letter by James


Sunday: Review

1. What are you willing to let go in order to advance the cause of Christ?

Monday: Read James 1.

2. Who is James writing this letter to?

3. What is the purpose of testing your faith?

4. Where is God testing you? Where is Satan tempting you?

Tuesday: Read James 2.

5. How do Christians show partiality today?

6. What happens to the merciless?

7. Must you have works to be saved (explain your answer)?

Wednesday: Read James 3.

8. What warning about the tongue does James give?

Use both chapter 2 and 3 to answer the next two questions

9. How can faith be recognized? How is it made visible?

10. How do you tell that you have faith?

Thursday: Read James 4.

11. What is the source of quarrels and conflicts?

12. What does it mean to humble yourself in the presence of the Lord?

13. What are the things that happen when you do not live by faith?

Friday: Read James 5.

14. What warning(s) do you see for the rich?

15. What advice is given those defrauded?

16. What sins do you need to confess?

17. How effective are your prayers?