The Church Age: Week #5

Persecution and Preaching

Acts 8:1b-40

Sunday: Review

1. How have you been persecuted because of Jesus?

Monday: Read Acts 8:1b-4.

2. Where did the persecution happen?

3. Read Acts 1:8. Who was sent into Judea and Samaria?

4. As a result of the persecution, what happened?

Tuesday: Read Acts 8:5-8 with 2 Kings 17:6-41;John 4:6-42.

5. What facts do you learn that explains how Samaritans differ in religion from Jews?

6. How do you think Philip was able to reap so quickly in Samaria?

Wednesday: Read Acts 8:9-25.

7. What do you learn about Simon?

8. When did they become believers, before, during, or after being baptized?

9. What lesson do you learn about the holiness of God's spirit?

Thursday: Read Acts 8:26-40.

10. What do you learn about the Ethiopian?

11. What did the Ethiopian need?

12. How could Philip meet that need?

13. Where did Philip go from here? Who guided his life?

Friday: Read Isaiah 53.

14. Who is Isaiah speaking of?

15. Do you believe Jesus did what was written for you personally? Can you share what it means to you?