The Church Age: Week #29

Revelation to John, part II

Revelation 15-22

Sunday: Review

1. What are some of the relationships of Christ revealed?

Monday: Read Revelation 15-16.

2. Who gave the angels the seven bowls of wrath?

3. What is the wrath or plague from each bowl?

4. What came out of the mouths?

Tuesday: Read Revelation 17-18.

5. Who or what do you think the harlot represents?

6. What will the beast and the kings do to the harlot?

7. How were all the nations deceived by Babylonís sorcery?

Wednesday: Read Revelation 19:1-20:6.

8. What are the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures doing? What is the great multitude so excited about?

9. What happens to the beast and the false prophet?

10. What is Satanís most frequent ploy? How does Satan deceive you? Why is Satan not permanently bound or cast directly into the lake of fire? Why is it necessary for him to once again be released?

Thursday: Read Revelation 20:7-22:5.

11. A "thousand years" is used six times in connection with a number of chronologically interrelated events. Should this be understood literally or figuratively? Why?

12. Who is sitting on the "great white throne"? Is there a difference between the great white throne judgment and the judgment seat of Christ? If so, what is the difference(s)?

13. Who are "the nations" of 21:24-26? What does it mean that "the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations?"

Friday: Read Revelation 22:6-21.

14. The phrase "I am coming quickly" repeated three times in this section. How is it that Jesus can say He is coming quickly when it has been 2000 years?

15. What do you think verse 22:11 means?

16. What does it mean to wash your robes?