The Church Age: Week #17

Letter to the Romans


Sunday: Review

1. How is God's grace sufficient for your needs?

Monday: Read Acts 20:2-3a; Romans 1:1-3:20.

2. What do you learn about the righteousness of God?

3. How is man without excuse for knowing God?

4. What is the result of unbelief?

5. According to Paul, what is true Judaism?

Tuesday: Read Romans 3:21-5:21.

6. How is a believer justified by faith?

7. Define the following words:

8. What are the results of justification?

Wednesday: Read Romans 6-8.

9. How is a believer delivered from the power of indwelling sin?

10. Where are you struggling against the flesh?

11. Will you ask God today to deliever you from your old nature?

12. What security do you find in God?

Thursday: Read Romans 9-11.

13. How is God's sovereignty illustrated?

14. What is the difference between God's righteousness and righteousness based on the law?

15. What do you learn about God's dealing with Israel?

16. How is God's wisdom evident?

Friday: Read Romans 12-16.

17. How is the Christian to live in this world?

18. What principles of guidance does Paul give for Christians who having differing practices?

19. What does verse 15:21 mean?