The Church Age: Week #12

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Acts 15:36-18:11

Sunday: Review

1. What evidence is there to demonstrate your faith in Chirst, God's word?

Monday: Read Acts 15:36-41.

2. Who did Paul ask to go with him?

3. What was the disagreement?

4. Who accompanied Paul on this journey?

5. Where have you seen God use division for His purpose?

Tuesday: Read Acts 16.

6. Why was Timothy circumcised after the settlement of the Conference in Jerusalem?

7. How did they determine where to go?

8. Why was Paul annoyed at a spirit speaking truth of them and Jesus?

9. What was Paul's answer to the question "what must I do to be saved?"

Wednesday: Read Acts 17:1-15.

10. Who was Paul able to persuaded that Jesus was the Christ? How?

11. Why did the Jews oppose them? How did Jason respond to the pressure?

12. What was different at Berea?

Thursday: Read Acts 17:16-34.

13. How were the intellectuals of Athens like people today?

14. What arguments did Paul put forth about God?

15. How did Paul change his points in Synagogues vs. the Areopagus? How was it the same?

16. Has God ever used circumstances for you to be positioned to witness Him to others? If so then what were the circumstances?

Friday: Read Acts 18:1-11.

17. Why did Paul decide to go to the Gentiles?

18. Do you think Paul was acting in his wil God's will (give reasons for your answer)?

19. How did the Lord encourage Paul?