The Church Age: Week #4

Martyrdom of Stephen

Acts 6:8-8:1a

Sunday: Review

1. How have you died to self for the sake of Jesus and others?

Monday: Read Acts 6:8-15.

2. What impresses you about Stephen?

3. Why was Stephen brought before the Council?

4. What was Stephen's face like to the Council?

Tuesday: Read Acts 7:1-38.

5. Read Genesis 46:26. How many persons were in the house of Jacob?

6. Read Genesis 23:17;33:19. Where did Abraham purchase a tomb?

7. What events of history did Stephen review? Why do you think he picked those events?

Wednesday: Read Acts 7:39-50.

8. How did Israel behave toward God in these verses?

9. What is the "tabernacles of testimony"?

10. What do you learn about God?

Thursday: Read Acts 7:51-53.

11. How did Stephen turn the accusations against him into an indictment against the Sanhedrin?

12. How did Stephen demonstrate trust in God?

13. How do you demonstrate trust in God?

Friday: Read Acts 7:54-8:1a.

14. On what grounds did they stone Stephen to death?

15. How did God comfort Stephen?

16. Who kept the robes of those who stoned Stephen? What significance do you think this had?