The Church Age: Week #14

Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Acts 18:23-19:22

Sunday: Review

1. What made you love Jesus Christ more this week?

Monday: Read Acts 8:23-28.

2. Where did Paul go first? Doing what?

3. What positive traits did Apollos have prior to Aquilla and Priscilla's instruction?

4. What do you think Aquilla and Priscilla told Apollos?

Tuesday: Read Acts 9:1-7.

5. What was missing from the disciples Paul found in Ephesus?

6. How do you think they were baptized in verse 5?

7. What assuring sign of acceptance did God give them?

Wednesday: Read Acts 9:8-10.

8. Where did Paul enter speaking out boldly?

9. Read Acts 18:6. Did Paul break his word (give reasons for your answer)?

10. When they became hardened and disobedient what did Paul do?

Thursday: Read Acts 9:11-20.

11. What extraordinary miracles was God performing through Paul?

12. What lesson do you learn from seven sons of Sceva?

13. What do you learn about true repentance?

Friday: Read Acts 9:21-22.

14. Where was Paul planning on going next?

15. Who went to Macedonia?

16. Where did Paul stay?