The Church Age: Week #24

Second Letter to Timothy

2 Timothy

Sunday: Review

1. How does one balance sound doctrine with life?

Monday: Read 2 Timothy 1:1-14.

2. How was Paul an apostle of Christ?

3. What charge did Paul give Timothy?

4. For what reason was Paul suffering?

Tuesday: Read 2 Timothy 1:15-2:10.

5. Who do you think are Phygelus and Hermogenes?

6. What do you learn about being a faithful servant?

7. For what reason does Paul give why he endures all the things for the sake of the elect?

Wednesday: Read 2 Timothy 2:11-26.

8. Explain each verse in your own words:
2:11 _________________________________________________________________
2:12 _________________________________________________________________
2:13 _________________________________________________________________

9. What does it mean to "wrangle about words"? Why shouldn't we wrangle about words?

10. What help do you receive on how to interact with others?

Thursday: Read 2 Timothy 3.

11. What are the characteristics of a rebellious world?

12. Look up the definition of apostasy and heresy. What is the difference? Which type is Paul talking about in chapter 3?

13. How does one avoid falling into this pit?

Friday: Read 2 Timothy 4.

14. What charge does Paul give Timothy?

15. Where was Paul's focus during the time just before his death?

16. What impresses you about Paul's concluding thoughts?